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Here’s a list of all of our authors.

Andrée has worked in Relatives for Justice (RFJ) since 1999. She has worked first voluntarily in RFJ and now as its Deputy Director with responsibility for operational and budgetary management. Andrée has been a key voice in the promotion of a focus on women in the debate on how to deal with our past and on the need to ensure that those who have experienced the worst of our conflict have the biggest say in how it is addressed. Committed to development and process based approaches Andrée consistently promotes the values of holistic and transgenerational support.3 Articles

Dr.David McCann, holds a PhD from the University of Ulster in North-South relations.3 Articles

David Rose is formerly of the Progressive Unionist Party. He now an unaligned Unionist.3 Articles

Máire Braniff lectures in Sociology at the University of Ulster. Awarded her PhD by Queen’s University in 2008 she has since gone on to develop her research interests in conflict and peace studies with research on Indonesia-Aceh, Cyprus, Georgia-Russia and the Balkans regarding legacy, victimhood and transition. Her book “Integrating the Balkans: Conflict Resolution and the impact of EU expansion” was published by IB Tauris in 2011. Recently she has held research posts with Dublin City University (2010), University of Liverpool (2012) and conducted consultancy research with INCORE (2012). In 2012, the NI Community Relations Council commissioned Máire to author “Implementing Peace Agreements” (2012). 3 Articles

Wendi Caroline Kane is a marketing professional responsible for developing tourism, culture and arts in Belfast. She previously worked in development for the Ulster Orchestra and communications for Nortel Networks and pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer. With a BA in English and Politics from Queen's University and an MA in Marketing from the University of Ulster her interests include the arts, culture, food, architecture, horses, politics, current affairs, travel and fashion.3 Articles

Micheal is a restaurant owner in San Francisco, where he lives with his wife Raquel & son Sean. Micheal, from South Armagh graduated from Queen's University Belfast. He lived in France and Australia before moving to California in 2004 where he has worked in hospitality management and the restaurant business.2 Articles

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