Our Authors

Here’s a list of all of our authors.

Patricia MacBride is an Academic at the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster where she is currently undertaking research on post-conflict reparations. A former Commissioner for Victims and Survivors, she is also a regular media commentator on politics and victims’ issues.4 Articles

Michael was born in Belfast and graduated in medicine from Queen's University in 1974. He worked in the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast between 1971 - 1974 and gained membership into the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh in 1974. That same year Dr Goldberger and his wife emigrated to Vancouver, Canada - where he has worked in a family practice ever since. Michael served on the Editorial Board British Columbia Medical Journal from 1985 - 2002 and was certified in The Acupuncture Foundation of Canada in 1996. He was a Staff Physician and member of The Board of Directors of the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, Vancouver 1996 - 2000. Dr Goldberger has been happily married to Joanne, also a Belfast native, for 30 years. His hobbies include collecting Irish and Canadian art, tennis, golf and gardening.4 Articles

John Howcroft is a former life sentence Loyalist prisoner, community development worker, and North Belfast UPRG representative.4 Articles

Patrick Corrigan is the Northern Ireland Programme Director of Amnesty International and Head of Nations & Regions at Amnesty International UK.4 Articles

Dr Aaron Edwards is a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Huddersfield. He has worked closely with progressive loyalists for over a decade on their internal conflict transformation initiatives. A former journalist with The Other View magazine, his articles have appeared in Fortnight Magazine, the Belfast Newsletter and the Sunday Life. He is the author of Defending the Realm? The Politics of Britain’s Small Wars since 1945 (Manchester University Press, 2012) and The Northern Ireland Troubles: Operation Banner, 1969-2007 (Osprey, 2011), co-author (with Cillian McGrattan) of The Northern Ireland Conflict: A Beginner’s Guide (Oneworld, 2010), author of A History of the Northern Ireland Labour Party: Democratic Socialism and Sectarianism (Manchester University Press, 2009; 2011) and co-editor (with Stephen Bloomer) of Transforming the Peace Process in Northern Ireland: From Terrorism to Democratic Politics (Irish Academic Press, 2008).4 Articles

Roy Fisher is a 35 year old printmaker who sells original, limited edition prints, screen printed gifts and greetings cards in St George's Market. Originally from Fermanagh, he has been living in Belfast since he studied for his honours degree in Communication, Advertising and Marketing at Jordanstown. Roy takes a keen interest in political, religious, and cultural issues. He previously worked in the media as a Public Relations executive in the early 2000s, but is now self employed in the art world.4 Articles

Andrée has worked in Relatives for Justice (RFJ) since 1999. She has worked first voluntarily in RFJ and now as its Deputy Director with responsibility for operational and budgetary management. Andrée has been a key voice in the promotion of a focus on women in the debate on how to deal with our past and on the need to ensure that those who have experienced the worst of our conflict have the biggest say in how it is addressed. Committed to development and process based approaches Andrée consistently promotes the values of holistic and transgenerational support.3 Articles

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