Published Books

Eamonn Mallie has published the following books:

  • The Fight for Peace‘ – co-authored with David McKittrick of the London Independent.
  • Endgame in Ireland‘ also with David McKittrick
  • The Provisional IRA‘ with Patrick Bishop of the Daily Telegraph.
  • Tom Carr‘ – a biography of the Slade school artist who was born in Belfast.

For the millennium he edited ‘100 years of Irish Art’. This was followed by ‘Blackshaw’ a biography of the Northern Ireland artist.

He recently completed the story of Kathleen Isabella Metcalfe Mackie along with her son Paddy title – ‘Life of an Ulster artist’.

Mallie is currently researching the life and art of Neil Shawcross the Belfast based painter who came to Northern Ireland as a lecturer in the college of Art in the 60’s.

This will be followed by my memoirs embracing his experiences of more than 30 years of ‘Troubles‘ in Northern Ireland and the pathway to peace which has resulted in the power sharing executive involving Republican politicians and members of the Democratic Unionist Party.

Mallie has also presented two documentaries for Channel 4 on the Northern Ireland peace process, and regularly contributes as an analyst on Irish affairs on Channel 4 news.