Author: Dr Michael Goldberger

Michael was born in Belfast and graduated in medicine from Queen's University in 1974. He worked in the Royal Victoria Hospital Belfast between 1971 - 1974 and gained membership into the Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh in 1974. That same year Dr Goldberger and his wife emigrated to Vancouver, Canada - where he has worked in a family practice ever since. Michael served on the Editorial Board British Columbia Medical Journal from 1985 - 2002 and was certified in The Acupuncture Foundation of Canada in 1996. He was a Staff Physician and member of The Board of Directors of the Institute for the Study and Treatment of Pain, Vancouver 1996 - 2000. Dr Goldberger has been happily married to Joanne, also a Belfast native, for 30 years. His hobbies include collecting Irish and Canadian art, tennis, golf and gardening.