Former Ulster Unionist MLA David McNarry warns Leo Varadkar that a ‘ no-deal’ could result in the Irish economy going into ‘free fall.’

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It shouldn’t matter whether you are for or against Brexit, for or against the Union, whether you are British, Irish or an inbetweener. What does matter is that we are all together and caught up in the dramatic machinations unravelling through the consequences of the Boris Brexit Betrayal.

In his willingness to set aside Northern Ireland from the awesome foursome he has lamentably labelled in past reference to the Union, the Prime Minister has acted with brutal treachery. His action gives good reason to us Northern Irelanders to bring about common cause if only in temporarily putting on one side our differences. Who knows but a unionist truce in a post Brexit environment might guarantee us a secure future within a new Union.

There is a valid case to take stock, evaluate and think through the emerging political nuances. Amidst the obvious consequences to be considered as a potential volatile political constitutional storm brews is the fact that the Union is not under threat. There is no chance of Northern Ireland not reaching its 100th anniversary. However, the prospect of the E.U. floating a customs union pontoon as an act of political piracy is the crux of the discussion in which we Northern Irelanders have a right to participate. The proposed E.U. withdrawal treaty sold by Brussels and bought by the Government placing the border in the Irish sea is like Shylock’s pound of flesh, the price of the annexation demand, which we cannot and should not pay.

This is a shoddy deal in which regrettably Dublin demonstrated its antipathy towards Northern Ireland in playing gleefully a role in attempting to devalue the integrity of Unionism. Despite their flowery words of friendship, the Irish proved when push came to shove their wilful intention to put at risk our cherished peace, a damnable piece of wanton opportunism comparable to the shameful chicanery of the Tories although nothing as disreputable as the Tory E.R.G. but then again, the DUP should have been prepared for the love in to end with a back stabbing. One Nation Conservatives see only, see clearly their electoral success gaining momentum in a one nation constituency – England. There are no Tory seats in Northern Ireland. The lure of enough English votes to return a working majority government far outweighs jumping into bed with the DUP again, which brings me back to arguing that if common sense abounds all round it is up to us Northern Irelanders to create an atmosphere to demonstrate our willingness to show solidarity in striking out for a deal in the proposed withdrawal treaty which consolidates our position and our future. It cannot be Sinn Fein causing division and taking advantage of uncertainty. Put the boot into unionists as is common practice in the election, and there will be reciprocation. The discussion for which I am calling must have room to breathe after the result here when Northern Ireland will still be in the U.K. Union.

As for the nitty gritty complications invading the Westminster pitch over this pernicious withdrawal treaty, we could all do without the mocking taunts of the Taoiseach insulting me and most unionist in saying that ‘we will still have our Queen‘. You bet Leo, it’s something you don’t comprehend! It is called loyalty. My message to you Sir… an election could deliver a ‘No Deal’ result, which would throw the Irish economy into free fall. My message to the Northern electorate is stand and deliver a ‘No Deal’ stance.

Unionism has fought many battles and lived to fight again. Unionists find themselves in an extremely complex situation which in truth only unionists can resolve from within its deep commitment and forceful determination to survive. There is a conversation waiting to take place which only we Northern Irelanders can promote to protect our own self interests.

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  1. This individual sounds very, very disturbed by the knife in the back delivered by the British Conservative party.

    Actually, this individual sounds very, very disturbed.


  2. Vote unionist, any unionist – it does not matter what their policies are on health, education or anything else. It does not matter what damage a no deal Brexit does to northern Irelands economy.
    The Westminster election is not about the constitutional status of Northern Ireland. The number of unionist or MPs elected from other parties will not make Northern Ireland any less or more part of the United Kingdom.
    Sorry, but I want to know what the person I vote for aims to deliver and to say the union or keep out to non-unionists is not enough

  3. Where’s the evidence that the Irish economy will go into freefall in the event of a no deal?

    The visceral nastiness of unionists like McNarry towards the Republic is shocking. The republic’s stance on Brexit is for the betterment of the island of Ireland, to preserve peace and both economies.

    Most unionists voted for Brexit. In many instances out of sheer vindictiveness towards the Irish population in NI and the changing demographics. The fact that you were so easily outsmarted by Dublin and the EU just shows unionists react to the emotional rather than engaging in strategic thinking.

    Unionists voted for Brexit, grow up and own it.

  4. “Northern Irelanders”???

    Unionists are deluded – there is no such nationality as northern Irish.

    One is either Irish or one isn’t.

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