Loyalists are unlikely to stand by idly and watch the backstop being implemented without challenge – By David McNarry

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Ninety five percent of the Northern Ireland vote to remain in the E.U. represents 100% of nationalists who can’t get rid of the British including myself quick enough, Nationalists willing to relinquish their independence aspirations for a monopolised United States of Europe, Nationalists prepared to tear up the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and ready to let the peace process be used as an anti Brexit bartering tool, Nationalists foolishly believing that the fifty thousand unionists who voted to remain support the pernicious backstop. Something obvious is seriously missing from the lateral thinking inside so called northern nationalism.

With our little country pitched head on into the fulcrum of dangerous battles focused on the backstop, how come we are divided on the outcome? Why is no one bothering to ask us Northern Irelanders what we think? Before rushing into any decisions why shouldn’t we be granted a referendum on the backstop issue? Do we want it or do we not want it? After all, according to the Taoiseach it is our peace at risk. He is reminded that it is also our sovereignty being subjected to a joint dirty tricks ambush by Dublin and Brussels.

Yet everyone but us, the Italians, Spanish, Polish, German, French etc have a say on handing over control of our country to the E.U. through the backstop backdoor. Unionists in case anyone has forgotten have rights including the overriding right of self-determination. Remove them and replace them with the backstop and the consequences are a backlash. A local referendum on this exclusively local issue of the backstop gives credence for common shared sense to prevent this grubby E.U. backstop demand spilling onto the streets .

It will come as no surprise to learn that the significant established loyalist leaderships are vexed at being omitted from discussions with the E.U. negotiators on the Brexit issues. It has to be wrong that co signatories to the Agreement are excluded. They are entitled to be angry. In contrast to the dubious credentials of some republicans within political nationalism commanding open arm attention in Brussels, Loyalists are ignored and treated shabbily.

Loyalists remain important players whatever arises from Brexit. Both the Loyalist Community Council and the wider unionist community representatives are unlikely to stand by idly and watch the backstop be implemented without challenge, be they remainers or leavers, unionists and loyalists will unite to stop the backstop destroying the hard won peace – a peace we all cherish and fully enjoy .

Michel Barnier is expected to attend an event in Belfast soon. The visit presents an opportunity to find in his schedule time away from domineering nationalists to meet the loyalists and hear first hand their views on Brexit. The loyalist analysis and approach can bring to Monsieur Barnier a timely and necessary balance rejecting the proposed border backstop betrayal .

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  1. The very notion of Unionist Self-determination is chimerical. The pro- British advocates like yourself David call this statement a country. It is no such thing it is a neo- colonial enclave and the issue of self-determination was dealt with In the GFA, albeit with lots of fudge.

  2. That’s what the RUC/PSNI are there for to keep them in there place and make sure the wishes of the people of the North are implemented. They done it to us for long enough and are still doing it to the Republican community to this very day

  3. Another rant David … but this time with a threat? Oh dear …
    When are you going to wake up? Or grow up?
    This is not your ‘little country’. You really need to get that into your little head.

  4. So a Unionist terrorism and murder campaign of Nationalist civilians is to be unleashed if Unionists do not get Brexit exclusively on Unionist terms only in spite of the fact that the majority of people in the North voted to remain in the EU.

    Little wonder Nationalists have written off the Northern statelet.

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