Talks – a ‘No Deal’ is reckless and let it be registered an outcome which we Northern Irelanders do not deserve or want – By David McNarry

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Congratulations to Naomi Long MEP. Excuse my confusion though in how being neither a unionist or a nationalist fits into Brexit . Neutrality along these lines is a deceptive mist spraying the elitist liberals with fairy dust . When Naomi openly declares to be either British or Irish the luvvie concept of neutrality is a busted flush. Should she tell us now where she stands if her neutrality leads to a border poll.

Our Country desperately requires an urgent injection of progressive dynamism, to grab, package and market the political product the three way split the Brexit election revealed. Our people deserve more than political platitudes from those with sizeable mandates. Searching for phoney solutions is a phoney exercise. Scratch the surface and there are as many non-neutral right of centre nationalists as unionists. All we need is for Naomi to determine and define what the centre represents and what difference neutrality makes.

The profits due from peace, order, prosperity and proper governance are immeasurable – the dividend shared out can confront anyone overloading with bitterness. The link to securing a new dispensation at Stormont operating under new improved rules of engagement is open and active.

The time is overdue for unionists to nuance the scope for their offer on executive government by convincing nationalists both have work to do in convincing each other that trust works both ways. There is an onus on nationalists to emerge from the deadlock by indicating that they are ready to create room for re-engagement.

The unionist family offer, of a lasting settlement is non-discriminatory. It is a proposition to freely enter into equitable partnership in government. 

Yet nationalism in its current belligerent state of mind is fuelling a growing impatient unionist mood to bond together in a unity of purpose. When unionism unites it feels threatened.

Nationalists are showing no interest in any agenda unless it underscores a direct passageway out of the United Kingdom. Frustratingly for unionists, nationalists are refusing their rightful role in arranging the place settings at the table of power. Any wonder therefore that sociable unionism expresses the same exasperation as political unionism over nationalist intransigence. Does the ordinary non unionist, those described by Allison Morris as small ‘n’ nationalists really want to keep the bitterness going with division in perpetuity?

Listening to our party political leaders, it should not be nor can the drift end in defeatist deadlock. No one responsible can sit this out or walk away. They must all work on finding a synergy and chemistry which succeeds. A ‘No Deal’ on devolution will not be acceptable to a majority. A ‘No Deal’ must be put to the people to reject or endorse. The politicians have no mandate to settle on a ‘no Deal’ – it’s not even a compromise.

To be fair the political leaders alone cannot correct the slide towards a ‘No Deal’. What a day it would be then to see the movers and shakers who manage and successfully chaperon their own interests arriving at the talks table to present their collective assessments for better government, the doyens of business, culture, education, environment , law and order, justice along with the Church leaders active in politics – each laying their courage on the line to boost confidence in finding a new dynamic – creating a blueprint presenting a reconnection with the people to be woven into a written contract signed by the political leaders. 

A ‘No Deal’ is reckless and let it be registered an outcome which we Northern Irelanders do not deserve or want.

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  1. Ruaidri Ua Conchobair on

    Irish Nationalists compromised significantly to reach our GFA and addendum agreements. So there will be no return of Stormont unless British Unionists now honour in full those already compromised-based agreements.

    That point aside, I’m minded to agree somewhat with your commentary regarding the Alliance party. I view it as having stolen the “middle ground” positions of the Unionist UUP and Nationalist SDLP parties and dishonestly rebranded itself as some supposedly ‘neutral middle ground’ party: see the attached table of party positions

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