Best choice – No Deal – By David McNarry

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Left with no other viable choice the best choice is ‘no deal’ after two and a half years of the Prime Minister’s indefensible prevarication proving her to be a lamentable negotiator. The Nation and Parliament must bite the bullet and get out now of the E.U. quagmire.

Three historical humiliating defeats in the Commons and still the lady shows no shame. This is not resilience –  it is a shocking demonstration of foolhardiness compounded by the irresponsible cabinet she rules clinging like limpets to office.

There is only one way forward to propel the exit from the E.U. and that is to replace Mrs. May and her entire cabinet with a new Leader and Ministers willing and able to walk away from the Brussels bullies.

No wonder the Attorney General was reticent about releasing the full text of his legal advice. Now that it is exposed it is clear that the legal position, plotted a sell out worst case arrangement for Northern Ireland. The government was prepared to throw us to the E.U. wolves by agreeing that we would be trapped inside the full customs code and tied to the E.U. rule book as servile rule takers .

Our future would be outside the U.K. controlled by the E.U. We would be forever bound by a treaty signed by Mrs. May in a shoddy deal shunting us into a customs union ruled by Brussels for an indeterminable period. Face the indisputable facts revealed. When push came to shove Mrs. May had no muscle to push harder – it was she who became the weakest link. She was willing to break up the Union.

My call for all unionist brexiteers to the DUP is – spell out to the Conservatives that “it’s no deal.” Get out of the E.U. and get in with the W.T.O.

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  1. David Symington on

    Well Mr McNarry, the constitutional status of this part of the world would not be changed one iota. Still part of the UK with only some differing legislation which helps to keep the economy as healthy as possible from this Brexit disaster and also helps to insure free movement on the island of Ireland.

    Although not a concern to a unionist such as yourself, a large portion of the citizens of this area wish to to see it remain and is something they voted for in the GFA referendum.

    Isn’t it weird to see the hypocritical DUP argue about no divergence from the rest of the UK, yet it fights tooth and nail to maintain differences in legislation all the time? Abortion and gay marriage just two of the big examples.

    This process has helped expose the bigotry of the DUP even further, something I welcome whole heartedly and further displays that the constitutional status of this place is less important than citizen rights and putting bread and butter on the table …… except for unionist politicians who would rather we suffer.

    I would rather be “hostage” to the EU than to the Tories and the hypocritical DUP / unionist politicians in general …. I know most definitely that neither of the latter are concerned about my wellbeing or that of majority of people in Northern Ireland.

  2. Poor Dave. Another cliché-ridden polemic (bite the bullet when push comes to shove; throw us to the wolves …).
    Such is his perispicacity that he advocates replacing Mrs May and her entire cabinet with a new leader and ministers.
    Thanks for that fresh thinking Dave. How can I get involved?

  3. To tumble out to WTO Rules & Tariffs would destroy many Companies.

    As an example our Company, the average cost per 27 tonne load, would increase around £400 to deliver on costs for International CMR, Certs of Origin etc. 4000 loads x £400 = £1.6 million, immediate extra cost.

    The duty would range between 4 – 11% cost increase and add same in price to the materials themselves. If I take our trade in 2016-17 and apply that on an average of 7% there’s an immediate further £700k.

    Mr McNarry may have £2.3million sitting around in a savings deposit to afford such unnecessary costs but most in business do not carry that type of cash-flow.

    Business in Northern Ireland can not afford a No-Deal BREXIT – pure & simple.

    As for the Constitution. The GFA is, now, the foundation stone of Northern Ireland’s position within the UK. Only our people, all of our diverse people, can change that. I do wish Mr. McNarry and his ilk would remember that constructive, positive, persuasion for the Union is the only way that will prevail the UK.

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