Well then – it’s not the economy stupid! It’s the remaniacs – fake news – By David McNarry

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Stop the sharp practice of pundits and propagandists who show no shame in pedalling alarmist boot licking over Brexit’s impact on the local economy.

Unlike the Irish economy our economy is not overheating and causing serious concerns in the E.U. banking fraternity .

All trade and business in Northern Ireland is crucially precious to the local economy. Reliability and dependability are key to their success. It is true that while valuable the overall sales of products to the Irish Republic is small at £1.269 billion.

By far the largest market sales are into the British mainland at £7.641 billion with local N.I. sales at £3.749 billion. Compared to the Irish Republic sales the greater scale of dependency comes from within the U.K. in a combined total of £11.390 billion. An additional £1.388 billion is sold into the E.U. and £2.581 billion into the rest of the world.

The ongoing unedifying dirty propaganda war promoting anti-Brexit scare mongering will only succeed if people fall for the dirty tricks used. The upwardly mobile elitists supporting the May sell out deal want you to believe that shortages of essentials are inevitable. You may ask shortages of what. Medicines, food, clothes or luxury cars and designer brands? Well then its not the economy stupid ! It’s the remaniacs – fake news.

The global market place is full of alternatives for the consumer at competitive prices. The world’s producers are desperate to grab a foothold in the major vibrant market of the U.K. Locally we have world leaders in developing pharmaceutical products. Our superb agri-food industries are second to none for poultry, meats, eggs, bread, fruit, root crops  etc. We are unlikely to run out of potato crisps.

Sustaining supplies of essentials and of course some luxuries will not prove problematical. Northern Ireland is not going into freefall starvation. Not going into rationing medicines, fuels and essentials . Practical management controls and sourcing from the abundance available here and across the rest of the U.K. will ensure that our people have no good reason to believe the spin of the C.B.I. in particular .

My personal experience from over 30 years exporting from Germany, France, Italy and Spain is that the factory shareholders demand orders for jobs and revenue. E.U. factory owners will resist an enforced trade war. Take my word they will not accept any political directives which cause losses to their bank balance. They are the weakest link in the E.U. armour pushing with indecent haste a deal done not in their name or interests.

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  1. Unlike David, I presently import raw and manufactured materials, to time critical deadlines, from India, China, Vietnam, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Germany, Israel & the Netherlands.

    A No-Deal tumble out to WTO will mean between +4 to +11% increase on the cost of materials. The associated bureaucracy to address increased custom formalities will add approximately £405 per 27 tonne of cargo in a DV Container or FTL.

    It’s not fake news, it’s a reality and business is simply not prepared (nor has the cash flow) to manage without serious casualties to the workforce and wider Northern Irekand economy.

    Your rant is pie-in-sky repeat muttering we’ve all heard for the last 2 years from ERG & it’s puppets. It lacks any substance in the real commercial world of international trade, which as an Island on the extreme of the European Archipelago, means we have more imports than export!

    An utterly depressing piece that fails any test of diligence.

  2. Gearoid Mac Siacais on

    David would know more about pea soup. Even the British Chancellor is clear on all economic scenarios out of the EU being worse.

  3. kevin.scubert@yahoo.ie on

    I just love that line:
    ‘the ongoing unedifying dirty propaganda war promoting anti British scare mongering …(not a comma, a fleiscín, nor a hyphen itself, in sight!)

    Never mind that.
    Anyone who posts on social media, and who has the effrontery to patronise those who may read his comments with the following line: ‘take my word …’ , is really a self-delusional person.

  4. Ich bin jetzt nicht der Ort Sie Informationen, jedoch good Thema.
    I muuss einiger Zeit Lernen mshr odeer Ausarbeitung mehr.
    Danke für great Informationen ich früher dies Infos für meine Mission.

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