“The DUP are hoist with their own petard” – By Jake Mac Siacais

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The hegemony of a dwindling unionism was based solely on the claim that they would “stand firm in the face of nationalist encroachment”.

They have done such a good job of selling the Irish language bogeyman to their base that they have hamstrung themselves in relation to being able to cut the deal which they know they have to cut.

Post 1998, unionism focussed on the small Irish language minority community as the target for their anti-nationalist bile. Attacking their SF partners in government would have made things untenable. The DUP brought their Cultural War to a new low fighting a rearguard action against anything Irish. Paul Given’s Líofa ‘Christmas Present’ became the straw that broke the camel’s back for many nationalists, some well beyond Sinn Fein.

Time for a reality check. Our latest demographics released two weeks ago by the executive office and covering the period from 1990 to 2016 show that of those over 16 in the north 44% designate as Protestant/Unionist 42% designate as Catholic/Nationalist. Over that period there has been a 12% drop in unionist population and a 4% increase in nationalist population. The number designating as neither has also more than doubled from 6% to 14%.The collapsing of hope on Wednesday by way of a tweet was pathetic. What is required, if we are to avoid the scenario of a disgruntled and betrayed unionist minority marooned on the Island of Ireland, is a determined, decisive and enlightened unionist leadership which can negotiate a unionist future on this island in ways which benefit us all. Given Arlene and her colleagues’ performance it is clear that at present they are not fit for task. The challenges remain and will have to be faced sooner rather than later.”

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  1. Everyone should go back to the table and stay there till a deal is in place
    This is serious work for loyalism and nationalism for the people of the north who deserve committed government

  2. DUP and the Tories have destroyed the Good Friday Agreement.

    Nationalists will now withdraw from internal politics within the 6 counties and will pursue an All Ireland strategy and agenda from now on.

    Stormont offers them NOTHING now, especially when the UK government relies on 10 DUP evangelists.

    It was good when MMG and IP were at the helm, alas the OO and Caleb wing of the DUP achieved what they set out to do.

    • I agree with everything you say and think the plug should have been pulled earlier. Also, someone needs to give the SDLP a shake and remind them that this is not about party politics but about the humiliation of nationalists’ identity, no matter how moderate a nationalist one considers oneself

      • With respect, this mess has damn all to do with the SDLP. I think everyone appreciates where the responsibility lies here.

  3. The Unionist hierarchy are leading their people into oblivion because they cannot face up to the future. All their focus is on the past: past wrongs & commemorations of past glories. They have mortgaged their children’s future to the hilt. Their children, if they have any sense, will get out – which of course they are doing.

  4. …and if there was a local election tomorrow the same flag waving siege mentally morons would still put them back into power (sharing).

  5. James Macaulay on

    The problem for Unionism is that it is clear in what is opposed to but has no vision in what it stands for Unless a coherent Unionist vision is determined in the near future then ultimately it is doomed

  6. Do the DUP think that through their cosy relationship with the Tories that they can unstitch the GFA and SHA and that further backward planning can deliver 1690 politics – 16 for them and 90 for us. I would not trust Arlene to go to the shops. Some people need to wake up.

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