‘From under the duvet’ – by Rev. Harold Good

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It was an incredible sight.

The likes of which none of us could ever have imagined!

And I still can’t understand why I seemed to be the only one there to see it!

Arlene and Michelle, accompanied by the better known of their party colleagues, approaching the microphones and cameras. Each of them with a serious but difficult to interpret look.

Then it happened!

Each in turn was to tell us that having seen and heard the stories that followed from the tragedies that were Manchester, London Bridge and the Grenfell Tower – together with reports of unbelievable suffering in the refugee camps of Syria and elsewhere – they had come to a shared conclusion that in relation to what is happening in so many other places what we and they thought of as problems were no problems! And, in light of all of this, they had agreed that as far as the Assembly was concerned for them and their parties it was going to be “business as usual” on Tuesday morning! Suddenly the doors were flung open and the Great Hall was invaded by the world’s media who had come to behold this amazing spectacle which was already making an incredible impact upon the political world well beyond these shores – with hot lines between Belfast, Dublin, Washington and London.

Then I woke up!

But please don’t tell me it was “just a dream”!

For If we take them seriously it is our dreams that will make things happen.

So dream on!

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  1. I would suggest that if we were all to re-read the harrowing stories which have been written about the Omagh bomb victims (and many others), both those who died and those who survived, we would ALL dream harder.

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