Jim Boyce talks to EamonnMallie.com (Exclusive Video)

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Devil or Saint FIFA’s Sepp Blatter? Local man Jim Boyce former FIFA Vice-President has shared the cockpit with him. What does he think?


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  1. Eamon Hanna on

    Jim Boyce seems like an honest, decent and straightforward man. But to refer to a guy who was a Cayman Islands banker as ipso facto (being of the very fact) as a person of the highest calibre and reputation is a bit naïve. The whole point of being a Cayman Islands bankers is that you are involved in, at best, tax avoidance or, at worst, tax evasion, and the distinction between the two is becoming increasingly blurred. Also, the reference to the accountancy firm KPMG as being some kind of gold standard of integrity is a joke. The Big Four accountancy firms all have very serious questions to answer as to the integrity and honesty of their processes, with the Irish banking collapse and the complete failure of the auditors to do their job and the very current controversy about Denis O’Brien’s banking arrangements with IBRC-KPMG involved there too-as illustrative of the case they have to answer in this small island alone.

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