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  1. Eamonn
    I heard both interviews this morning and both speakers were strong in their condemnation of racism towards the Polish community on the Nolan Show; (as an aside I doubt if either speaker would have had the space to make their points had not the said Mr Nolan been on holiday) . Others on Twitter have commented that it is a measure of the lack of leadership here that such praise by you and others is given for what should be part of any everyday reasoned discourse. The real question is why are we so surprised that Jeffery Donaldosn should do what any right thinking politician would do on the issue.

    Jeffery’s comments are a good start. How much more would the respect would come piling in if this same senior DUP politician and Haass delegate would equally denounce the flying of flags and emblems up and down the country which cause such offence to nationalists and unionists alike. Or what about demanding that the loyalist paramilitary criminals who have their boot so firmly on the necks of their communities, stop, disband and go to away? Selective leadership is a very small step up from no leadership at all, but we should be grateful for the moment. Just don’t expect a Damascus Road conversion on other issues any time soon.

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