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I am a regular contributor to discussion programmes on TV and radio both at home and abroad. An experienced political editor and author specialising in Politics, Security and 20th Century Art.

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  1. Eamonn, your piece follows the accepted logic that we need the heavyweights to pressurise our politicians into an agreement.

    But what if our lot finally realise that nobody else gives a damn whether we get along or not, that nobody will come to our aid when our normal negotiations collapse and we all throw the usual hissy fits?

    Would it be possible that when both sides look around and see no help or support coming from any direction, they might actually wise up and realise there’s nothing else for it but a do-it-yourself deal?

    Okay, maybe the heat is getting to my poor grey matter, but it just might be possible. And if it did happen it would certainly be more likely to hold, as nobody else could be blamed for any problems.

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