Robinson – “a condescending ignoramus” – asserts Kyle Paisley

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While there are irreconcilable differences between the theology of Biblical Protestantism and the theology of traditional Islam, this is no reason for any man to go out of his way in order to insult another.

There was no one more outspoken on religious and spiritual matters than the Son of God, who highlighted the ignorance of the woman of Samaria by saying – “Ye worship ye know not what…” (John 4:22).

Nevertheless, Jesus Christ was above the charge of a calculating abrasiveness. His worst enemies – the religious leaders of His day – found nothing in His speech that they could use against Him. This was in keeping with the declaration that the Messiah would not be motivated in any measure by self-interest.

Christ did not seek publicity for publicity’s sake. It is incumbent on all Christian ministers to take their motive as well as their view of things from Him (Isaiah 42:2).

And what can be said of the DUP leader after his remark that he could only trust Muslims to “go down to the shop” for him? It shows just what a condescending ignoramus he is! His remark leaves a deep stain on his own reputation, the reputation of his party and the reputation of the religion he professes to believe in.

It beggars belief that thus far not one within his party has the nerve to publicly challenge him. Sometimes silence is golden. In this case it is plain yellow!



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  1. Wonder how the headline fits with all that biblical forgiveness stuff, guess the lovely religion of love, grace and forgiveness that is free Presbyterianism just ripped Matthew 5:22 out of the bible.

    If you have a problem with your brother you should go to him privately, not the Godly Paisley family! That bit of the bible doesn’t apply to them, nah they just make TV shows and write blog posts for Mallie

    • Terrible…and to think this man Robinson represents our country! As K Paisley said, his tone, manner, belittling and condacending attitude, does little for our PR image. I would have thought his personal opinion comes secondary to his office as First Minister. He supposed to represent all of the community, which includes Muslims, not insult them, intinually or not.

      • Perhaps you might be right, but my point was a very pointed one to Kyle. Kyle’s motivation right now is settling personal scores. He of course is blind to that and is dressing it up as Christian to Christian rebuke. My comments are to him, as a minister, not to damage his ministry and to immediately repent and lay his obvious bitterness and hate at the cross. Until it is nailed there he will continue to post it to this blog, which is a sin on his part. Praying for you Kyle that you will let this sin eating your soul go and that you won’t follow the path of bitterness your parents have set.

      • Well as a minister and an elder in the church will you apologise or simply continue your bitter little campaign? Bitterness will burn up your soul Kyle. You clearly hate Peter, that’s a sin no matter what my name is. You Kyle are a sinner.

        Cheap little online insults aren’t nice are they Kyle?

        • Kyle Paisley on

          I am not motivated by bitterness. If you actually read what I say and listen to what I say, you will learn that I address the issue firmly but fairly. What is more, I am not a nameless critic. Furthermore, I don’t hate Peter Robinson. If I despised the man the way you think I do – or prefer to believe I do, regardless of reason – then I would have let him spoil his reputation, the reputation of his party and the reputation of the religion he espouses without saying anything about it. The one thing you are right about is that I am a sinner. You will know the universal application of that truth from Romans 3:23.

  2. Proud_to_be_an_Infidel on

    This is not a country under Islamic law and must never be so (unfortunately, for England it looks like they are sleepwalking into it). Islamists laugh at how much they are tolerated in the foolish west, and will never care about respecting the rest of us when the numbers are in their favour.

  3. Gentlemen, I recognise nothing that is Christian in your comments below except for the verses from the Bible. Might I suggest that you reflect upon this verse from the Koran?
    Quran: “Invite (people) to the way of your Lord, with wisdom, and
    beautiful preaching; and debate with them in the best of manners”

  4. Kyle, have you been deleting comments referencing your dad and brother on this page? Alan who posted them has now blogged it on

    • Kyle why have you amended my comments? seems awfully odd? You only have legitimacy, as far as press are concerned, to comment because of who your parents are. Your comments must be read within that context, why would you amend them to airbrush them out?

      Kyle your integrity is in question yet again, the fact that most people see your motivation as settling scores has now been confirmed. Very sad, still praying you and your family will repent

  5. The pastor condemned sharia law but his rhetoric was much too crude.
    But As a kafir, I have every right to be wary of Koranic law.
    And the elephant in the room is the barbarism handed out to Mariam in Sudan all in the name of sharia law.
    Many in the west are too blind and appeasing to see this threat, however.
    Tower hamlets in London is a taste of things to come.

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