“More Churchills and less Brian John Spencers” argues Jamie Bryson

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Over the past year I have continually read monotonous posts from Brian John Spencer, telling us about the “muzzled majority” and how people like me are a minority group holding the rest of Northern Ireland back.

A simple look at the election figures shows that this “muzzled majority” either doesn’t exist or is more than just “muzzled.”

Perhaps next Brian John Spencer will claim that they have had their voting rights torn away from them by “lunatics” like me.

Political correctness has gone mad and Brian’s most recent post once again epitomises the intolerant attitude of those who claim to preach tolerance and diversity.

His scathing attack on the DUP came because they defended a Pastor’s right to free speech.

The truth of the matter is that many people, myself included, concur with the Pastor’s sermon.

It is unfashionable to speak out against immigration or minority groups who pose a threat to our British way of life lest you be called a ‘racist’.

This assault on free speech is supported by the left’s favourite tool, the ambiguous hate speech legislation.

Far from being used equally, this legislation ensures that some are more equal than others. It is increasingly used to silence any resistance from the indigenous British people, whilst it is rarely used against minority groups, such as Islamist hate preachers, who call for the beheading of Christians.

No hate speech charges were brought against those Islamists who condoned the murder of Lee Rigby.

The fashion of being offended is merely a tool to distract from the fact that there are real and genuine concerns around the growth of militant Islam in the UK.

The Westminster Confession of Faith and indeed the very foundation of Protestantism hold that Roman Catholicism is a doctrine of the devil. Therefore the logical trajectory of our political correctness is for hate speech laws to extend into our Churches, where the word of God will be subject to whether others are offended or not!

Had people such as Brian John Spencer been around in the 1930’s they would have been the ones calling for the appeasement of Adolf Hitler, lest we offend him.

They would have been the ones heckling Churchill when he warned of the growing threat of Communism, lest we offend communists.

I thank God that in those times we had men who did not worry about causing offence and who did not pander to those who sought to overthrow Christianity and destroy our Monarchy.

In 2014 we need more Churchills and less Brian John Spencers!


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    • Shows how much you drones have been brainwashed by the Irish News etc., and how little you understand our local anthropology if you think it is that simple. No wonder Irish Nationalists are filled with so much hatred.

  1. Conor Conneally on

    I used to feel sympathy for young Master Bryson. I thought he was just a misguided guy around my age who was passionate but bless him, he wasn’t all too bright.

    It’s clear though that he’s actually an unreconstructed bigot who’s dangerous knuckle dragging beliefs are simply backward. It’s saddening that a young guy like Jamie can hold so much anger and hatred in his heart. I hope that one day he’ll look back at his writing like these and be embarrassed . He has a lot of growing up to do.

    Racism, sectarianism and hatred need to be tackled head on. Jamie needs to realise that attitudes like his will only ever hold people back.

  2. Victor Carmichael on


    Its not the 1930’s and I see no one in Northern Ireland that could be compared with Churchill, certainly not our first minister.

    What was said by both men was stereotyping. All Muslims cannot be trusted (apart from going to the shops and bringing back the correct change) How condescending can they get?
    And from a man who is supposed to be the leader of our wee country.

  3. Honky McCracker on

    I’m loathe to agree with Jamie, but I would say that BJS’s talk of a “muzzled majority” is absolute shite.

    Exactly how are they “muzzled”?

    They can exercise the same civil liberties as the “minority” who he so regularly, and sneeringly, derides: the right to vote, the right to free speech, the right to protest etc.

    But, I suppose, we shouldn’t expect anything other than condescension from a guy who compares himself to Hemingway, de Beauvoir, Stein, Gris and Joyce – combined! – on his website.

  4. Glenn Bradley on

    Selective analysis again.

    The young Winston was raised in Dublin, and held an adoring love affair with the Island of Ireland. Winston put his hand up and enlisted in the Army of his Nation becoming a combat veteran utilizing that experience into a political & business career. Churchill worked a lot in Persia (modern day Iraq and Iran) forging alliances with Muslim tribal leaders pioneering the early oil business which handsomely paid both parties.

    In 1912, Winston was for Irish Home Rule, and was actually attacked by a Loyalist mob when visiting Belfast. It must be added that at that time he was pro-partition in the event of Home Rule winning through.

    However when the Great War broke out Home Rule was shelved and Winston re-enlisted to the Field Army seeing service on the Western Front where he was appalled at the slaughter and described it ‘…as the most ungodly waste of life lacking any glory…’

    Post war he re-entered Politics and as a passionate Irish Unionist sought Ireland to remain in the Kingdom. As the Irish War increased he was instrumental in sending the Tans and Auxiliary Units to defeat the IRA. He failed and was bold enough to admit his failure.

    In the negotiations that established the Irish Free State he declared an exasperation at Unionism when they consistently rejected compromises proposed by HMG. Indeed, this exasperation led him to develop an admiration and respect for Griffith and especially Collins. He changed his mind and with his strategic mind on defense sought an all Island solution viewing partition as a step backwards openly declaring for a Dublin Government in a Free State which provided free ports for Britain foreseeing such a new relationship as ‘… the first step to forming a federation of English speaking peoples across the world…’

    It was not to be. Partition happened, Collins was killed in action by anti-treaty forces permitting the electoral rise of De-Valera. In 1926 Churchill again spoke in Belfast this time indicating a United Ireland strategically linked to Britain however De-Valera’s anglo-brit-phobia put paid to any developments.

    Sir Winston Churchill was a writer, a historian and an artist (as well
    as being a politician). A Nobel prize winner in literature I’d surmise
    that he and Brian would share more common interests on life than anything
    Herr. Bryson could drum up?

    More Churchill – Brian types please.

  5. Thomas Russell on

    Jamie has more in common with the fascists opposed by Churchill than he realises. He takes part in threatening illegal paramilitary parades, akin to the Brownshirts, and merrily supports the UVF, peddling the line that, despite their indiscriminate campaign against all Catholics, “they weren’t terrorists”. Moral authority gone. Right there.

    He shares the fascists victim fetish. The purity he loves (PUL identity, whatever that is beyond burning rubbish piles and marching wherever the hell you like) is under threat from what he has referred to as “bloodthirsty Roman Catholics”, and now, apparently, Muslim immigration threatening the “indigenous” population (ironic from someone who describes the indigenous language of Belfast, Gaelige, as a foreign language). It’s always the ‘other’, be they Jews or “themmuns”.

    Jamie’s just a hate-junkie. In that, he is actually representative of a large chunk of political unionism, which was founded on fear of the other (the indigenous people of this place), and remains dominated by that pre-modern politics. That’s why the DUP still can’t shake hands with their SF government partners. The same Unionist Exceptionalism that explains their a la carte attitude to the rule of law viz. parading, and racism, etc. The rules don’t apply to us. We’re the chosen people don’tcha know.

    Principle? Don’t make me laugh. Jim Allister wouldn’t dream of shaking hands with Gerry Kelly, yet he stands shoulder to shoulder with unrepentant UVF murderers like Billy Hutchinson at Twaddell. Peter Robinson was photographed shaking hands with UDA brigadeer (geesh, they love their camp titles, these fascists) at Stormont this year, yet still won’t shake hands with his co-First Minister. Wise up. Or don’t, it’s up to you. You’re irrelevant because, to quote a former Secretary of State in a different context, the train (modernity, in this case) is going with or without you.

    Brian, on the other hand, is a voice for human decency and progressive modernity in Unionism. No wonder he has such an uphill struggle: those terms are probably oxymoronic.

  6. Hey Jamie as a Protestant who has had family fight the IRA in the police at the highest level and in the UVF, I find you very offensive and hope the PSNI do their job in aressting you for hate speech, being a dole cheat and orchestrating riots in the interface. You claim to be from a working class background and represent the people, I had a chat with Henry McDonald who says your loaded and people check out the plans for Louise Bryson(mummy) mansion in Groomsport. Why don’t you do us all a favour kid and go back to the hole you crawled from, maybe the next protest will be at yer mas house and she can serve us all the rich people food tea and buns!

    • Thomas Russell on

      Sorry to digress momentarily from the self-pity of Groomsport’s Fisher Price fascist, but Pip, did you really just say you had family in the UVF who fought the IRA?

      I’d be fascinated in you expounding. I’m not aware of the UVF confronting the IRA, only confronting isolated taxi-drivers etc. with precisely zero involvement in politics. They were helpfully frank about that: “any Taig will do”. Naturally, the Shankill Butchers were UVF ‘soldiers’ too.

      • I had family in it at the start of the late 60’s early 70’s both now long dead, I have had family in high ranking positions of the old RUC who held talks with Maggie Thatcher. Unlike Jamie I don’t call one organisation terrorists and the other freedom fighters, I am also the son of a victim but I won’t say anymore incase Mr Bryson sends hoods round to burn me out.

        I thought this was about Jamie, now im being targeted lol.

      • Shankill Butchers were serial killers, Protestants and Catholics weren’t safe from them. At least Curtis Moorehead got to shoot Basher between the eyes for killing his dad.

  7. Jamie how do your parents feel about bringing shame to their front door, people knowing their son was on a hunger strike for only 2 hours, requested bail after telling others not to, knowing their son went to Maghaberry and their son being a dole cheat.

    Also who schooled you for your interviews especially with the police and jsa even though you sounded stupid!

    Why not answer these for me or will you ignore it.

  8. Utterly idiotic! The moron has conflated opposing racism and intolerance with appeasing Nazis.

    Nuttier than squirrel shit!

    • I never really read what he wrote cos its the same shit, he mentions Lee Rigby and islamic extremism. I spoke to an English taxi driver who told me he came here to start his family, is Jamie inviting the extremists to Northern Ireland. A hand of friendship from one ex con to another?

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