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Eamonn Mallie is a home for all independent thought.

This website is striving to realise an honest, civilised and legally sound debate of which you can be part.

That debate can be best achieved through absolute transparency.

If you have something to say, please put your name to your contribution.

As of now if you don’t use your own name, will be obliged to remove that contribution.



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I am a regular contributor to discussion programmes on TV and radio both at home and abroad. An experienced political editor and author specialising in Politics, Security and 20th Century Art.

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  1. Yes Eamonn, to encourage a proper constructive debate it will cut out the trolls that plague a lot of online forums. It is too easy for individuals to post inflamatory comments whilist not putting their name to them. If you are a genuine poster you shouldn’t hide behind a alias.
    Lenny Deans.

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