DPP Barra McGrory breaks no prosecution verdict to Martin O Hagan’s family in person.

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Needless to say the family and friends of journalist Martin O’Hagan killed by Loyalists are disappointed at the decision of Director of Public Prosecutions Barra McGrory not to prosecute in the murder of the high profile journalist.

Mr O’Hagan, who worked for the Sunday World was shot dead in Lurgan in 2001.

There had been an expectation that an ‘assisting offender’ or supergrass would appear in court to give evidence in the Martin O’Hagan case.

Today, DPP Barra McGrory unusually undertook to personally inform Mr O’Hagan’s brother of his non prosecution decision and then appeared before members of the Press to state:

“I know this decision will be disappointing to Mr O’Hagan’s widow, family, friends and colleagues but the evidence that can be given by an assisting offender must be carefully evaluated and the test for prosecution applied on a case by case basis.

“Every case is different and the question whether the test for prosecution is met can only be determined on the merits of each individual case”, he added.

It is refreshing to see at last a Director of Public Prosecutions stepping out of the shadows to face the music for his decision making.

Despite the fact that Mr. McGrory contends that each case ‘can only be evaluated on the merits of each individual case’ one wonders what is the future of the practice of using so called ‘assisted offenders.’


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  1. Eamon,

    I think the most intriguing aspect of the concept of the use of ‘assisted offenders’ is it’s potential to implicate individuals within the government of Northern Ireland in serious crime. That would be refreshing if not the ultimate litmus test of the impartiality and integrity of any Director of Public Prosecutions.

  2. Eamonn

    I have had a very sour experience with Mr McGrory since he became the Director of the prosecution service.
    He has a dusty file – Ref:407606, which shows the police who were investigating a perjury matter against two social workers for thirty two months was a complete and utter sham.
    A police officer who is currently charged with misconduct in public office, relating to another case, manufactured my wife`s witness statement, and while Mr McGrory accepts this he maintains it did not affect the rationale for the decision of a no prosecution.
    As well as this, during the investigation there was an application made to Newry Court for the release of all files, notes and reports, and the case was transferred to the High Court, but the police never pursued the matter, although at that time they told us that the court refused the application. Also the police never interviewed relevant witnesses, so in fact the file should have been given back to the police by the Director for further investigation rather than make a decision on a nonsensical file.
    When I read the case of the late Martin O`Hagan and Mr McGrory`s reason for a no prosecution it actually makes me squirm because I have documented evidence in my case which clearly shows Mr McGrory is none other than a palpable liar.
    I can support everything I say and I have challenged Mr McGrory on numerous occasions, after naming and shaming him on websites, to take legal action against me, but to no avail.
    Mr McGrory is indeed not independent, but a puppet for the hierarchy in Stormont.

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