Tech Show Podcast Episode 26

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The Tech Show

On the Tech Show Podcast Episode 26 hosts Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston are joined by Andrew Bolster and set the world to rights! But apart from that we discuss local events, Windows 8 and Farset Labs.

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Show Notes

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00:00 The Longest Intro Ever. I think.

05:19 Matt tells us about some local events. If you have an event coming up, do let us know.

10:19 Other Tech News – mainly a discussion on Windows 8 and RT. Is it going to make it?

48:19 Christmas is coming up and Andrew gives Chris some top ideas for his Nephew and Niece. What is the Christmas toy of choice this year?

51:44 Andrew’s noisy keyboard.

54:23 Farset Labs, what’s that all about?

01:12:01 END – Yes the show is over an hour long!

Tweet your suggestions for topics and pitch your company to us @iChrisTaylor & @cimota. We are also looking for more guests, so if you fancy coming on why not give us a shout?

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