Social media, local media, what media?

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Today I am joined by Eamonn Mallie and Lyra McKee, editor of Mediagazer and, to discuss the role of the media in local politics


Press play below to listen to the discussion:


Issues raised throughout the course of today’s conversation include the following:

00.44: Journalists’ role in today’s society and why we should be interested in what they do.

05.02: Are local journalists evolving?

07.08: Do local media services cater for our local demand?

09.32: Local media and investigative journalism.

13.05: Is the press asking the right questions?

16.30: Journalism and selective leaking.

20.07:  How social media is changing the breaking of news/ Have authorities and institutions lost both control and command of news?

21.22: Is the social media the biggest change you have seen in your lifetime Eamonn?

24.59: Do you have to have WordPress as an emerging journalist?

32.00: Will the three local papers in Northern Ireland survive?

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