Northern Ireland today through the eyes of an American correspondent

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Belfast’s iconic Titanic Building


Greg Dobbs was a US correspondent in London in the late 70s and early 80s, having covered the Hunger Strike in Northern Ireland in 1981.

Greg Dobbs


As a European correspondent, he was back and forward to this island and has returned more recently to look at life on the island today.

This is Greg’s report from Belfast for HDNet television:

Northern Ireland Today from hank bargine on Vimeo.


Photographer Hank Bargine

Producer Kathleen Holmlund

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  1. Greg, at last I have had an opportunity to review your take on the place I call home, Northern Ireland to which you returned to take stock after almost thirty years.

    It is only right I confess my central involvement as an interviewee but I will leave it to others to evaluate what I regard as the integrity of your report on life today in Northern Ireland. As someone who has worked this patch for over thirty five years I can say I have not spotted any flaws in your contribution. It is packed with understandable information and does not take risks with truth. Hank Bargine has shot the many Belfast scenes with absolute sensitivity. Producer Kathleen Holmlund can be rightly proud of this opus.

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