Remarkable story of farming family who cheated death in slurry gas incident

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Following Saturday’s farm accident near Hillsborough in County Down in which three members of the Spence family lost their lives in a slurry pit accident – a County Down dairy farmer, who lives just ten miles north of the Spence farm, has been speaking about his family’s brush with near death.

Unlike Noel, sons Graham and Nevin Spence, this County Down farmer, Stephen, was actively agitating slurry several hundred yards away from the multi purpose building when the near fatal tragedy struck.

The seat of the slurry accident


Stephen takes up the story which lead him to believe both his father and uncle were dead:


Tank used on farm for spreading slurry


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    • Thanks Johathan. Always easier when one hits upon a great interviewee. What a story Stephen had to tell against such a sad background and the fate that befell the poor Spences.

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