The Tech Show Episode 23 – the velvety, smooth edition

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The Tech Show

In Episode 23 of the Tech Show, hosts Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston are joined by Cate Conway who I am told who has a velvety, smooth and interesting voice! Listen to the show and judge for yourself.

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Show Notes

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1:00 CultureTech

2:19 Startup Weekend Belfast

3:45 Games on Film

6:13 Fairy Magic

8:15 T-Mobile gave Chris his PAC within minutes

15:53 Apple vs Samsung: Who actually won?

21:08 now has a desktop syncing app – useful for those of you who grabbed one of those 50GB accounts.

22:28 Matt struggles with his HTC wildfire.

25:28 Chris: my ATV has had a new lease of life.

32:10 Cate tells us a little bit about herself

45:07 End

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