Bigots in victory too. How pathetic are we?

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Our hopes soared daily watching our neighbours’ children pitting their abilities against the best in the world in the Olympic Games in London but sadly the shadow of division wasn’t too far away at any time, with some of our athletes bedecked in green white and gold and others in red white and blue.

Surely, I thought, our guys will return home triumphant as one, to celebrate.

Here’s Eamonn Mallie:

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  1. I thought it was significant that the DUP Lord Mayor of Belfast could not come to the front door of City Hall to welcome home the two boxing bronze medal winners.

    • Eamonn Mallie. on

      I called to have a word with Lord Mayor Gavin Robinson towards end of last week. I was told he was on holidays. When I dialled his number to night it was ringing out with an international tone.