The Tech Show Episode 21

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The Tech Show

In Episode 21 of the Tech Show, Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston basically just have a wee yarn about social gaming, Mountain Lion and the Nexus 7.

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Show Notes

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00:00 Intro

0:30 Is social gaming in trouble?

15:05 Are you upgrading to Mountain Lion?

21:48 We discuss the Google Nexus 7 and ramble on about about a few other things.

45:02 End

Tweet your suggestions for topics and pitch your company to us @iChrisTaylor & @cimota. We are also looking for more guests, so if you fancy coming on why not give us a shout?

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Hi, I'm Chris Taylor and I'm a web publisher from Belfast, Northern Ireland. You can follow me on twitter @iChrisTaylor or visit my website

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