The Tech Show Episode 20

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The Tech Show

In Episode 20 of the Tech Show, Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston are joined by Joanne Jacobs, COO of 1000heads.

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Show Notes

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00:00 Intro

0:22 We talk to Joanne Jacobs (@JoanneJacobs) about word of mouth marketing, how communications strategies are changing, the importance of online channels and interactions and harnessing satellite offices.

8:20 Businesses continue to make the same mistakes with online communications, we find out why.

22:48 Still no sign of my Nexus 7, but how much of a threat to Apple is it?

26:50 Where does Yahoo go from here? We reckon they’ll focus on mobile.

33:26 Ofcom – the latest report shows that it’s still all about mobile.

38:05 End

Tweet your suggestions for topics and pitch your company to us @iChrisTaylor & @cimota. We are also looking for more guests, so if you fancy coming on why not give us a shout?

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