The Tech Show Episode 16

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The Tech Show

We’re back! After a short (long) hiatus we have returned with a feature packed episode of The Tech Show Podcast with your hosts Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston. So what are we talking about this week I hear you ask? Super connected Belfast, Microsoft, Apple, Google, E3 and yet more local games.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

1:02 Super Connected Belfast

5:42 Invest NI Support for GDC Europe and Casual Connect

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8:20 Don’t forget to download Jellyflug from the App Store!

10:40 Silicon Valley Bank targets UK technology sector

15:52 WWDC

21:50 Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus and the death of Nokia and RIM

36:40 E3 – was it really that disappointing?

44:26 End

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Hi, I'm Chris Taylor and I'm a web publisher from Belfast, Northern Ireland. You can follow me on twitter @iChrisTaylor or visit my website

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