GAA Podcast – ‘To the Point’ (Episode 7)

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Welcome to our seventh GAA Podcast – ‘To the Point’ – hosted by Adrian Logan.

Each podcast surveys all happenings in GAA as the season develops, with in-depth opinion and analysis from key individuals on and off the field.

This week’s podcast comes from the Elk in Toomebridge and Adrian is joined by:

Enda Muldoon: One of Derry’s most feared forwards. Enda won one Ulster Club title, one All-Ireland Club title, one Ulster title and Two National League titles.


Kevin McGuckin: One of Derry’s most talented half backs. Kevin has won one Ulster club title and one All-Ireland club title


Listen to the show below or download the MP3:


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Points for discussion are documented below.

(Times are indicated should you wish to listen to any specific point raised):

00.00: Introduction

05.46: Was it hard to watch Derry versus Donegal? – What went so wrong for Derry?

08.11: Longford – is it a big challenge for Derry?

11.03: How hard is it for a team which has just been beaten in the Ulster Championship to move on?

12.17: Down versus Monaghan review.

15.36: Donegal – are they a real threat? – Tyrone versus Donegal preview.

21.31: Qualifiers discussed and predictions for the weeks ahead.

23.24: Is the game boring?

38.36: Has GAA become too professional?

41.10: Ulster and Sam predictions.

45.28: Conclusion




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