Titanic on a bike

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The Wickes family stop for a Mallie photo shoot


I doubt if I had ever seen five people sharing two bicycles before today. Driving along Belfast’s Lisburn Road I overtook what struck me as a modern day mobile Swiss Family Robinson heading countrywards.


My curiosity got the better of me. I abandoned the wagon on double yellow lines to halt the oncoming family on wheels. Each member of the troupe looked as hardy as a wild duck with father Stuart, supported by stokers, Cameron 9 and Hannah 6 perched high on a tridem, a goodie or triplet, whichever pleases you. Mother Kirstie and Matthew 11 closed the rear on a tandem.


So who were these people? They are the Wickes family from Cumbria, currently engaged in a Titanic Tour. They have already been to Liverpool by bike to visit the Titanic exhibition in the maritime museum there.


For the Wickes this cycle trip to Belfast is only a hen’s race. They have cycled 15,000 miles having visited twenty countries all over the world. Father Stuart said ” We cycled from one end of New Zealand to the other. We love cycling. We see places better and we meet interesting people. “


Kirstie, a journalist added “We are doing a Titanic season for our website – Family Adventure. We get some sponsorship. This trip is sponsored by Stena and ‘Go Belfast.'”


Curious to know how the Wickes got involved in this way of life I asked Stuart to sketch in the background: “My dad rode but this is something we created for ourselves.”


Evidently  the creators of ‘The Family Adventure Project’ have a lot more miles to cover. They are very welcome here and are truly inspirational. So to all of you I say, literally “on your bike.”


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  1. Brendan Mulgrew on

    Thats a great post about the cycling tourists. Hope the Wickes family continue to get a warm welcome.