The Tech Show Episode 12 – the smell of coins

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The Tech ShowComing up on this week’s episode of The Tech Show with Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston, Dead Hungry Diner launches, mobile browsers, cash is dirty, Windows 8 and we end the show with a good ol’ chat about religion.

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0:15 Dead Hungry Diner by Black Market Games, one of NI’s rising stars in games development was released to the public today.

2:27 Events:

04:13 Facebook is worried by the state of mobile browsers, should we be worried?

13:30 Boffins claim you can’t get rich from app development

17:20 Amazon’s Knock-Off Problem

20:12 Is cash still king? Matt discusses his love for the smell of coins.

24:15 Microsoft Windows 8 and Office 15

29:05 Chris discovers religion in the form of Kopimism


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  1. wow. video games from northern ireland? how random. nifty wee game though. good on yees.