The Tech Show Episode 09

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On this week’s Tech Show, Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston are joined by David Crozier who provides insights into Cyber Security.

The Tech Show

00:00 Intro

00:41 In Local News

RepKnight win an ITLG
For the mobile/social media/web category.

02:27 Meetups?
CoderDojo Newry which takes place in Newry on the 31st March.

Digital Circle (Matt’s employer) is having an open consultation on the newest version of the digital content strategy on Friday 23rd March. Check out for more info.

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March 27th also brings us Ruby Without Rails from the Belfast Ruby group and the 30th March is Creative Camp. Matt is looking forward to the Premiere of the C-Project films from Scattered Images as they’ve been great in helping develop talent in our local indie film industry.

07:10 Yes, more iPad talk

08:28 Microsoft’s AppMeUp to help Irish developers create Windows Phone apps

16:57 Google’s new GetMo scheme aims to get more UK businesses mobile

21:18 Do we care that Game has gone into administration?

24:19 Businesses and employees’ views on flexible working not compatible

27:00 Feature – Cyber Security with David Crozier

We find out what CSIT does, why it hosted the 2nd World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit last week and what can this mean for Northern Ireland?

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  1. If this podcast has whetted your appetite for secure IT research there are loads of postgraduate studentships/scholarships available at CSIT.  More information on our website here: