The Tech Show Episode 08

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This is episode 08 of The Tech Show, with Chris Taylor and Matt Johnston.
The Tech Show
On this episode we discuss how much of a let down the new iPad is (so much so Chris bought one!), when will we actually be in a post PC world? Should Chris buy an Apple TV? And can HTML5 compete with native apps within two years?

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00:00 Intro

00:40 Local News:
Digital Circle (Matt’s employer) is having an open consultation on the newest version of the digital content strategy on Friday 23rd March. Check out for more info.

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There are 37 NI companies out at SxSW. See them all at

Last week saw the first Northern Ireland TeachMeet.

06:10 The new iPad – can this become the default home PC? Is it good enough to compete with a PS3 and should Chris buy an Apple TV?

21:45 The PC is dead, long live the PC. Why Chris believes the desktop (in it’s current form) is dying out.

33:00 Can web apps really compete with native apps? This week we see the return of Tether for iPhone as an HTML5 app. Chris challenges Matt by going all out in favour of web apps over native. Matt thinks games will never be as good as web apps.

45:48 End

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