In conversation with Provost of the Magee Campus – University of Ulster

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Professor Heenan, Provost of Magee Campus, University of Ulster


In a recent visit to the City of Derry I stopped off say hello to Professor Deirdre Heenan, Provost of The Magee Campus of The University of Ulster. Mrs Heenan originally from Annaclone, Co Down, a graduate of University of Ulster herself, was appointed Provost in June 2011 having held the post of Acting Provost for the previous year.

Mrs Heenan joined me in the canteen to engage in a wide ranging conversation about life at the top of the University tree.

We discussed the following:

  • How she ended up at the helm of the Magee Campus?
  • The ethos of the Campus?
  • Expansion plans in the current climate?
  • Where is the focus currently falling within the campus?
  • Mrs Heenan’s vision for the University and why she is excited about walking into Magee Campus each morning
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