Mallie on The Arts from Ross’s: with poet Michael Longley

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In this week’s Arts show from Ross’s Auctioneers & Valuers in Belfast, I am delighted to be joined by one of Ireland’s foremost poets, Michael Longley.

Michael is celebrated nationally and internationally and is a regular reader in intellectual circles worldwide.

Throughout the course of our conversation we survey many aspects of his life dating back to his days as a student in Trinity College Dublin and he tells me why he believes the classics he studied at college continue to keep him “intellectually fit.”

Besides reading a number of his well known poems, to my surprise Michael breaks out in song and also evaluates the merits of Bob Dylan and Van Morrison as modern day ‘poets.’

Mr Longley also speaks personally about fellow poets Brendan Kennelly, the late John Hewitt and Nobel Prize winner, Seamus Heaney.

I hope you derive as much pleasure from watching and listening to Mr Longley as I experienced throughout the course of this very intimate interview:


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  1. one of your better prductions eamonn gthat one should go in the national archives…Michael of of our precious few really great poets  amid msny ersatz claimants.