Mallie on Politics (Episode 4): Scottish independence & its impact on the island of Ireland

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This is the fourth of my politically themed podcasts – ‘Mallie on Politics.’

This week we are coming from University of Ulster’s Magee Campus.

The subject for discussion this week is: Scottish Independence & its impact on island of Ireland.

To discuss this I am joined by SDLP MP Mark Durkan and Dr. Emmet O’Connor, Senior Lecturer in The Arts & Humanities Research Institute (AHRI) at the University of Ulster.


Listen to the show below or download the MP3:

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Notable points for discussion are documented below

(Times are indicated should you wish to listen to any specific point raised):


00.00: Introduction

00.21: How did we get to this point?

04.03: What is coming next? – Is Salmond outfoxing the Conservatives?

07.15: Might the Scottish independence row end up in the courts?

08.12: Can you stop the march of a nation?

10.26: Will Salmond settle his debt should independence kick in?

11.32: What will be the impact on the Republic of Ireland specifically?/ Did the Republic deliberately support the British Irish Council to ‘loosen up’ the Union?

16.51: What exactly is ‘devo max’?

17.47: Implications for Northern Ireland specifically?

20.42: Will Salmond be able to lower the voting age to 16 years in the event of the referendum?

23.06: Where will Salmond stop? Will he expropriate the wealth and the resources in Scotland?

25.20: Will Peter Robinson use the independence debate to realise Unionist unity?

26.07: Will a Scottish referendum on independence lead to a referendum here to seal the Union?


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Eamonn Mallie

I am a regular contributor to discussion programmes on TV and radio both at home and abroad. An experienced political editor and author specialising in Politics, Security and 20th Century Art.


  1. The biggest issue to hit the UK since 1922 and Mark Durkan doesn’t have an opinion on it! is it any wonder the SDLP is going down the tubes?

  2. If Scotland votes for independence, the UK is dead. Irish unification will be inevitable – because England will demand it.