Mallie on Politics (Episode 3): Where is Robinson leading Unionism?

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This is the third of my politically themed podcasts – ‘Mallie on Politics.’

The subject for discussion this week is: Where is Peter Robinson leading Unionism?

To discuss this I am joined by former Ulster Unionist Party leader Lord Trimble and former Senator Dr. Maurice Hayes:

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Notable points for discussion are documented below

(Times are indicated should you wish to listen to any specific point raised):

00.00: Introduction

01.28: Who is Peter Robinson?

08.55: “We are going to do a terrible thing to you – we are going to deprive you of an enemy” – Is that what’s going on?

12.11: David (Trimble) why are you so questioning of the bonafides and the good intentions of Peter Robinson? Is that a problem with the party per se or is that a problem directly inside Peter Robinson’s head which you are identifying?

12.50: David you ‘danced’ with Ian Paisley at Drumcree – If you changed, aren’t Peter Robinson and his colleagues capable of change?

17.20: Is what Peter Robinson says and what he does enough to bring everybody along with him ultimately?

17.57: If you were where he is today what would you be doing? Would you accept that he is making quite a big effort to plot the course?

22.37: How serious is what could be described as close to disintegration of your former Party and will there be pickings there for Peter Robinson at the end of the day?

28.01: Are you saying never never to a merger between the DUP and the UUP?

30.32: Will the Ulster Unionist Party survive?

31.13: Isn’t there a danger that sooner or later the apple will fall into the Democratic Unionist garden?

32.00: Will Peter Robinson be the master over all that he surveys as the leader of Unionism?

36.00: Conclusion

36.25: End


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  1. Very interesting conversation Eamonn, enjoyed it a lot, so keep doing these interviews.

  2. PS/F Dup really did not really care who was killed over the years -it was all about holding out for power! Dictatorship rule today. we still need to deal with the past and make th0ose who incited crime and committed crimes made accountable for past war crimes! Questions need to be answered. 3,700 deaths 47, injured NI suffering PTSD over a useless cause. All the sectarians have to do is wave a flag and their voted in. Long way to go for a peace process Justice for everyone.