Legal expert argues judge had no choice in supergrass trial

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Dr Rosemary Craig, senior law lecturer at University of Ulster, says Mr Justice John Gillen has upheld the cornerstone of British justice in setting free all nine charged with the murder of Tommy English.

The nine men involved in the  super grass trial were all acquitted of the murder of Tommy English.

The accused ended up in the dock on the word of loyalists Ian and Robert Stewart. Mr Justice Gillen ruled the Prosecution had failed to place sufficient evidence before the court to justify convicting the accused:

“The supporting evidence falls far short of restoring the necessary credibility to satisfy me beyond reasonable doubt, as to the guilt of any the accused on these charges.

“The evidence before me has been too weak and unreliable, based as it is on the flawed and unreliable Stewart testimony.”

Dr Craig takes the view that the judge can only work on the basis of what the Prosecution puts before him:

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  1. By putting them through a bogus ‘supergrass’ trial and naturally being exonerated, does that not virtually guarantee them immunity in the future.

  2. STephen Blacker on

    One of the questions I want asked of the PPS is that it was obvious these two brothers had no credibility from near enough the start of this trial so why was the trial not stopped then instead of letting public money be wasted.