Mallie on Politics – (Episode 2) Evaluating the contribution of The Executive and The Assembly

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This is the second of my politically themed podcasts – ‘Mallie on Politics.’

The subject for discussion this week is: Assessing and evaluating the contribution of The Executive and The Assembly.

To discuss this I am joined by the former editor of the Belfast Telegraph, Mr Ed Curran and the editor of the Irish News, Mr Noel Doran:

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Notable points for discussion are documented below

(Times are indicated should you wish to listen to any specific point raised):

00.00: Introduction

01.23: Assessing the significance of Peter Robinson attending the Dr McKenna GAA Cup final at the weekend

05.18: The lack of communication between The Executive and the mainstream media – how serious is this? Why is there a gulf?

10.50: Has your readership an awareness of a connectedness with this administration with this Executive? Do they sense that there is joined up government here?

13.23: Ed, you have been very critical of the behaviour of this Executive – what are you saying?

15.16: Without the deployment of many consultants and investigators on specific issues, how do you interrogate these critical issues, issues pertinent and relevant to the community?

16.43: How do we improve this situation?

17.48: Do we have public pressure points here forcing this Executive to be more accountable?

19.06: How is corporation tax being handled – are we being sold a pup?

21.52: Welfare reform legislation – will The Executive go through with it?

25.19: Independence in Scotland – where does it leave us as an Executive and what impact will it have on Northern Ireland?

31.15: Who are the outstanding ministers?

35.30: David Ford? Is the Alliance the next target for Peter Robinson?

38.00: Conclusion

38.19: End

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