Mallie on Politics – (Episode 1) Thatcher and Ireland

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This is the first of my politically themed podcasts – ‘Mallie on Politics.’

The subject for discussion this week is Margaret Thatcher and Ireland.

I am joined in the studio by one of the most authoritative figures in Irish politics Mr David McKittrick and former Ulster Unionist activist, writer and thinker Mr Alex.Kane.

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Notable points for discussion are documented below

(Times are indicated should you wish to listen to any specific point raised):

00.00: Introduction

00.40: ‘The Iron Lady’ – thoughts on the movie

03.00: Margaret Thatcher’s break through into big time politics

05.40: Was Mrs Thatcher an ideas lady or did circumstances dictate?

07.00 Was she always a heroine for unionism?

10.00: Was she more flexible than the persona she promoted in public?

13.30: Relationship with Garret Fitzgearld/Irish government and her reaction to New Ireland Forum “out out out”

16.10: How did the Anglo-Irish Agreement ever happen following her ‘out out out’ outburst?

17.26: Will there ever be a confluence of opinion or a meeting of the waters between unionism and nationalism where she was a force for some good?

19.45 What would Mrs Thatcher have thought of the settlement now? Would she have done the deal?

22.40: Aren’t there so many contradictions in this woman?

26.55: Brighton bomb response and impact

32.15: Was she the greatest Irish nationalist from outside the island of Ireland? Did she stick it to loyalism and unionism?

38.20: Were Unionists deluded?

41.46: Will the Anglo-Irish Agreement be her contribution in the eyes of nationalism and her poisoned chalice – in terms of what she delivered to unionism?

46.30: How will Thatcher be remembered on this island?

50.28: End




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