Ignore voices in the community at your peril

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Former moderator of the Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Norman Hamilton argues, throwing money aimlessly at fractured communities is not a solution.

Mr Hamilton in welcoming the IFI’s (International Fund for Ireland) £2,000,000 to tackle the blight of interface/peace walls, argues this money must have a specific goal supported by all vested interests in the community.

Shopkeepers, traders, the churches and community organisations within these deprived districts must have a voice in deciding how the money is spent contends Mr Hamilton.

He has an unambiguous message too for ministers distributing the CSI (Cohesion, Sharing and Integration) Programme funds.

I have been speaking to the former moderator:


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  1. absolutley agree with Rev Hamilton-Its a pity this does not filter to our MLAs and the cost of consultants.