Why ‘Mr Volkswagen’ is giving a lift to carloads of qualified teachers from St Mary’s College Belfast…

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One of the world’s leading international business figures, Prof.D Carl Hahn, Chairman Emeritus of Volkswagen, was in Belfast last week on a specific and unique mission. The 85 year old German, widely credited with driving Volkswagen to the heights of global success, was in town seeking to recruit ‘unlimited’ numbers of graduate teachers from St Mary’s College.

The man responsible for making the ‘Golf’ a household name is determined to radicalise the teaching of primary school children in his native Germany. It is for this reason that he has recently  developed a close relationship with The Falls Road based teacher training college.

Dr Hahn is promoting a philosophy that all children should be taught from three years of age and through English. German children don’t start school officially until they are six years old. Prof. Hahn is availing of the necessary expertise in early learning from St Mary’s.


I caught up with Prof. Hahn (pictured above) in his natural home, VW dealer, Agnew Cars on Boucher Road.

With the world in such economic turmoil, I thought it would be remiss of me not to probe this trained economist and businessman on his take on the Euro crisis and more specifically the German approach to dealing with the ongoing mess.

His words of wisdom…”Work harder…and save!”


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