Why has Robinson gone nuclear on prisons?

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  1. Stephen Blacker on


    I was shocked at Peter Robinson’s out burst on this issue, he made it into a story when he said he would resign and force an election. He knows that the DUP are and have been willing and able to post “Petition of Concern” as a veto on any issue so on political terms he has made a mountain out of a mole hill.

    All Peter had to say was, “This is a case of Jim Allister wanting to hear himself talk, the DUP have the power to stop this so it is a non issue – what is your next question?” Instead he now looks foolish especially when there are so many more important problems to worry about.

    When Peter repeated that he would not have changed the name of the RUC (even with the knowledge that the PSNI are getting support from all communities today) makes me think that the lessons from our troubled past have not been learnt in the ranks of the DUP.