Talking with John Kearns – the man who is rubbing shoulders with Lady Gaga and the other big noises in music this weekend

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Voice of Belfast boy, John Kearns, will resonate around the world tomorrow night when the MTV EMAs kick off in The Odyssey Arena.

Kearns, a DJ identified with MTV for over fifteen years, is the chosen one to link the acts on stage throughout the awards ceremony.

So, to what does this all add up?


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  1. Stephen Blacker on


    This was a fantastic event and I found myself buzzin while watching the show on MTV Live. I have no doubt that a lot of people would and will be unhappy with the music and content but when they are reminded about the public out-cry about that “demoniac” Elvis chap it shows people that times and music moves at the pace of the young!

    Totally agree with you Eamonn that our young people need educated on the art of going out for the night and to look after each other because not everyone has good on their minds.

    We need and want events like this because of the excitment and it shows the world the real side of the vast majority of Belfast people – welcoming, good craic and love to party!