Stranmillis College Chairman resolutely stands by his words….as Ken Maginnis enters fray…

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The war of words over the future of Stranmillis College is being racheted up by the hour with Ken Maginnis entering the fray, (see following link: ‘It’s dire – we are on life support,’ says Stranmillis College Board Chairman).

Maginnis – a former Wetminster MP, a past pupil of the college and a former school principal before entering politics – has launched a blistering attack on Stephen Costello, the Board Chairman.

For latest assessment on where arguments sit, please watch the following:

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  1. mr costello should get his facts correct  does he not realise that Stranmillis had a surplus in the past 3yearsnot adefecit he is not fit for purpose and should resign    former pupil limavady

  2. Having listened to Mr Costello’s interview I recoginise these are challenging days for teacher education. However, it is hard to understand the motivation of the Chair of the Governors of Stranmillis – he seems intent on bringing the college down rather than being it’s last line of defense. Mr Costello’s interview reminds me of a captain in a boat facing choppy waters, who rather than trying to navigate the storm, is putting holes in the bottom of the boat to aid it’s sinking. Is this more about donating the estate at Stranmillis to QUB?
    It is time for the Minister to have a wholistic review of higher education. I for one would support Stranmillis and St Mary’s retaining their key role in teacher training – they have a proven track record – let them get on with it.