Professor Jim Dornan on: life, love, loss, love again and his zest for saving life in the womb

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He delivered thousands of babies. He lost his wife to cancer. He fought leukaemia. He continues to fight for life in the womb.

Meet Professor Jim Dornan, the colourful Obstetrician Gynaecologist, with an insatiable appetite for life:

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  1. Hilary Graham on

    Jim Dornan delivered all of my three children. An absolute gentleman who knows how to put you at ease just at the right moment.

    Thank you. Hilary Graham xx

  2. Elizabeth Maguire on

    A great human being . You touched me as great doctor and person, wish you lots of luck and best wishes .You delivered my son James 27 years ago he is getting married in August. Thanks

  3. Daaron Robinson on

    Well what can we about Jim? The man is a genuis, after countless miscarriages, a number of other unsuccessful births over a five year period, he was always there for us, and delivered, Katy 16 and Josh 9.
    A massive thanks from Daaron , Heather, Viktoria, Katy and Josh.