Painter Hector McDonnell talks to me about life in the art lane

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Irish Artist Hector McDonnell has been painting practically since he was born. As one of Ireland’s leading artists, he has shown at home and abroad.

His latest work is currently on show at Belfast’s James Wray Gallery in James Street South.

I spent some time in Hector’s company this afternoon discussing his life as an artist.

“I dream about painting, I dream about squeezing the paint out of the tubes….it’s a love affair, it’s an extremely sensuous activity,”

Join Hector in his dreams here:



For more information on Hector McDonnell’s current exhibition please visit the following link:


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I am a regular contributor to discussion programmes on TV and radio both at home and abroad. An experienced political editor and author specialising in Politics, Security and 20th Century Art.


  1. Thanks for pointing me to the video clip, Hector is thoroughly entertaining as ever.
    A wonderful exhibition
    Send my regards to Eva [your wifes neice I think you said]