Mary McAleese – ‘She don’t love me’

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  1. Stephen Blacker on

    Mary McAleese did more in her terms as President to heal wounds and hate on this Island than most people. Even with her comment about Prods being brought up like Nazi’s was dismissed when she was strong enough to retract this quickly after saying it.

    Mary’s statement about everyone in Northern Ireland having a “sediment of sectarianism” is very true and a debate should be started. The people in Ireland need to be told home truths by our leaders instead of them continuing to be sycophants for votes or to be liked by their own.

    The visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Ireland was by far the most outstanding event since the two ladies opened the Peace Park in Messines in Belgium on 11th November 1998 which honours Irishmen who died during the World wars. (Just a bit of trivia – there is a tower in this Peace Park which is 32 metres high, a metre for each county and people from each of those counties helped to build it)

    Mary McAleese will be remembered as the President who genuinely reached out the hand of friendship to the precieved enemy and won. 

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