Frances Black talks, sings and laughs with me…and at me!

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Getting to ‘a woman’s heart’ is difficult at the best of times, however I managed to loosen the heart strings of the one and only Frances Black, when she chose to serenade me with her mellifluous voice.

Ms Black who is in Belfast, performing two nights for St Brigid’s Third World Group, continues to charm audiences with her singing, story-telling and laughter.

In a very personal interview, the songster speaks of the highs and lows in her life:



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  1. Francis is a truly inspirational human being. Her ‘lightness’ of being shines thru the song & music.

  2. Stephen Blacker on

    Eamonn, (you’re a gas man)

    Frances Black is another fantastic singer from our wee Island, there must be something in the water. (wish I knew where the tap is) What a talented family the Black’s are and fair play the Frances being able to hold her life together, despite the drink, and come out on the other side strong and fresh.

  3. Mark Simpson Simpson 01 on

    Brilliant interview with Frances Black. Fantastic listening. Musical, moving and mischievous.

  4. I could never warm to Frances Black after reading that she had sang “The Bold Fenian Men” at the graveside of IRA leader and killer Joe Cahill. You can read more about him at:

  5. Billy Hutchinson on

    Typical performance from an inspirational woman who has helped people irrespective of their religious or political background. A truly warm human being and life changer with her work with families.