“Could somebody turn off those lights please, jeez, I’m blinded….” Listen to an exasperated SDLP leader on his very first day in office

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Listen to what happened to Dr Alasdair McDonnell when the lights went out on his big day:





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  1. Stephen Blacker on

    Alasdiar McDonnell is a lot better than this speech but his political foes will never let him forget this speech and will use it as a big stick to make a joke of him and his party – shame.

  2. Quite apart from the  lights issue and the flat, hesitant and tetchy delivery  this speech was utterly uninspiring in content . Much of it was leadenly bureaucratic in content. The listening public did not want to hear about SDLP root and branch re-organisation , they wanted to hear why they should vote for the SDLP and they did not get that. As a neutral, I suspect that Alasdair McDonnell will take the SDLP further down the road to political marginalism.