Alcatraz…a tourist shrine – The Maze…a terrorist shrine…?

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TUV leader Jim Allister laid the charge against Peter Robinson in The Assembly yesterday, that his party had ‘rolled over’ on The Maze/Long Kesh site to Sinn Féin, in buying into what he views to be an IRA terrorist shrine.

Peter Robinson dismissed his claim, underscoring statements from Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, that the Maze/Long Kesh site would not be ‘a terrorist shrine.’

Unionist detractors of a Conflict Resolution Centre on The Maze/Long Kesh site, appear to conveniently ignore the fact that members of the UVF, the UFF, the UDA and the LVF, as well as members of the IRA and the INLA were all housed at one time or another inside the walls of The Maze/Long Kesh.

Aren’t the arguments promoted by the anti-Conflict Resolution Centre brigade, fallacious and mendacious………?

What do you think…..?

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